What to Do on Your Next Island Vacation

Honolulu Heights is a vibrant community in the greater Honolulu area. It is known for its pristine landscape, spectacular views, and numerous amenities. A brief note from the Honolulu Heights Tour has created an approach that introduces a novel approach to disinfection and cleaning to make guests feel safer and a more comfortable clean. Employing the latest pest control technology and implementing strict non-chemical based protocols, updated constantly for current State and Federal Health Guidelines. In a nutshell, they do it right and have done it well.

If you love the classic, elegant design of hotels and resorts, then you will definitely fall in love with Honolulu Heights. Designed around a series of waterways, each floor is connected to the next, forming an exquisite maze that flows leisurely between each other. On any given day, you will see beautiful boats sailing by, barge after barge, taking in the beautiful scenery that is sure to become your home away from home. If you like seeing big boats, then a visit to this amazing oasis is definitely worth the time!

Itinerary I: Diamond Head Hike The very first thing you will notice when you start hiking along the trails of Honolulu Heights is the beauty of the scenery that surrounds you. When you finally reach the trailhead for Diamond Head, you will be greeted by two historic landmarks – the remains of USS Arizona and the memorial Mannerly house. You will then proceed to the Interpretive Center where you will receive a free map, which will tell you all about the islands of Hawaii. The beautiful skyline of Honolulu and the beautiful waterfalls are truly what this hiking route represents.

II: Twilight of the Moon After breakfast, you decide to continue hiking and after a short while, you come upon the scene of a violent argument. Apparently, two vampires had started to make love on the beach and were ready to share the good times they knew they were going to have. It seems that the werewolf in question was too shy to join them, but hey, it’s Hawaii and the werewolves tend to stay away from the bright sunlight. Suddenly, the vampire decides to attack Twilight. Fortunately, John Smith is nearby and he quickly cuts the vampire with his trusty knife. A real-life Hawaiian myth, you can also learn about the ancient Polynesian culture at the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

III: Twilight of the Werewolf After enjoying the fun at the picnic area, it is time for a nighttime stroll through Honolulu Heights. As you follow the path of the Three Kings, you will come across the remains of a massive fight that occurred here many centuries ago. You can also view some impressive artwork in one of the most impressive churches in all of Hawaii. There are many interesting shops and restaurants along the way and there is a free interpretive guide located right outside the church that can help you learn more about the rich history of Honolulu. The Honolulu Heights Tourist Bureau can also help you find information on the hottest spas in town and where to find one that is near your hotel.

IV: The Iconic Leahi After seeing the fun that was had at the picnic games in Waikiki, it is time to head to Honolulu on your Hawaii vacation. Start off by visiting the Honolulu Zoo. It may not be exactly what you were expecting, but you will definitely appreciate the giant turtles and other creatures once you get a close up look. The Honolulu Art Museum is another great stop on your tour of Oahu. This highly regarded museum focuses on the native cultures of the islands with some great exhibits. If you are looking for something a little bit tamer, then the Honolulu Zoo offers many whale watching experiences.

V: The Pick-Up at the Arboretum Once you have made it to the island, you are ready to hit the beaches and hit the water for some fun in the sun. There are several great beaches to choose from for your breakfast or lunch stop on your Hawaii vacation, including the famous Waikiki beach. For an adventure worthy of the scariest sea creatures, head to the Arboretum Golf Course for some ocean kayaking action. You could also spend an hour or two wandering the arboretum looking for the perfect photo opportunities.

VI: Diamond Head Tours The last stop on your Hawaii vacation should be a trip to Diamond Head, where you can view some of the most amazing formations on the island. A guided tour of this area will give you the chance to view some of the most spectacular views of Diamond Head and the surrounding area. The famous breakfast burrito, which originates from the Wailua River, is a must-try on your tour. This famous breakfast starts with a delicious bowl of warm, gooey Hawaiian fruit and served on a blanket on top of hardwood steed bamboo.

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