What to Do in Maui Island

Maui Island is a small island in the central Pacific, off the coast of Southern Oahu. Sprawling Hualalai State Park encompasses the largest island, Haleakala Crater, as well as many of the smaller, more remote beaches and waterways of Oahu, accessible via a scenic, winding Hualalai Highway.

The island’s thirty miles of beautiful beaches include numerous golden-crescent-shaped Kapalua beaches, protected by lava rock promontories, and protected from severe winds by lava rock cliffs. The islands’ numerous luau areas offer live entertainment and a spectacular backdrop for sunset and nighttime activities. The island is popular with sunbathers throughout the year, especially during its two warmest months, July and August. Maui’s warm climate provides perfect conditions for snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkel equipment rentals, and other water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, rafting, jet skiing and fishing.

Maui’s abundance of tropical flora and fauna make it one of the most popular destinations for Hawaii vacationers. Visitors to the island to experience the exotic beauty of its sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. This paradise has the world’s only true coral reef. On many days, visitors can catch an incredible glimpse of a variety of fish and other sea life at different locations. Many marine life scientists have found coral reefs here to be highly diverse and beautiful.

The islands’ volcanic environment provides a dramatic backdrop for many Hawaii island vacation activities. A volcanic eruption is also present on nearby Volcano Island, where visitors can view active volcanoes, lush rainforest trees, and a tropical landscape. Other attractions include the world’s largest lava tube, Haleakalipuu crater, and the geothermal lava tube on the South Maui Coast. Other popular activities include kayaking, scuba diving, volcano hiking, and canoeing, as well as viewing lava flows.

When the weather is nice, tourists can stay in Hawaii villas. Maui’s resorts are some of the best in Hawaii. Maui is a great destination for couples and honeymooners because it offers a variety of activities. Vacation packages include romantic honeymoon packages, with private rooms, private pools, and outdoor Jacuzzis, or romantic beachfront weddings.

Maui has also become an international golf destination. Golfers come from all over the world to play one of America’s finest courses, the Wounded Warrior Course, at the Pahoa Golf Club. Other courses are located at Maui Island, such as Kaanapali Golf Links and the Kilauea Golf Course. Other golf courses also provide quality services, including fitness facilities, tennis courts, and an area for golfing families.

Maui also offers many different types of entertainment and activities for those who enjoy the natural environment and its native wildlife. Many Maui beach activities are available. At the north shore, one can walk, hike, or bike along the pristine beaches of Oahu or play tennis, golf, or boogie boarding at a local gym. In the south shore, snorkeling lessons are available.

For travelers who enjoy surfing, Maui beaches offer opportunities to learn how to surf. There are many surfing schools on Maui, and there are also water sports on most beaches. For those who enjoy fishing, Maui offers a wide array of fish species, including tuna, halibut, swordfish, red snapper, and mackerel. Visitors can find restaurants that specialize in local dishes and cuisine, as well.

One of the main attractions of Maui is the volcano Mauna Loa, where tourists can view active eruptions that occur every few decades. On Maui Island, the famous Hanauma Bay State Park offers the chance to observe the geothermal lava tube.

Maui is also home to many beaches and resorts that offer activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, hiking, and yoga. Many families visit Maui Island to stay for a few days but also stay for a week or longer if they are interested in visiting the many activities on Maui Island.

If you are looking for a tropical paradise, Hawaii is a good choice for you. Maui is ideal for families who are looking for something a little different than staying in a hotel. Beaches, shopping, and beaches are all available for those who want to have a great vacation and relaxation in the sun.