Waikiki Starlight Luau – Hilton Hawaiian Village

The Hilton Hawaiian Village is the perfect place to host your next luau. With an on-site restaurant and bar as well as live entertainment, it’s no wonder why this hotel has been one of Oahu’s top destinations since 1955.

A truly memorable experience awaits you at Waikiki Starlight Luau – Hilton Hawaiian Village. You can dine inside our welcoming hale ruling (traditional wooden building) while enjoying views that will make any vacationer grateful they came across these shores. Later, head outside for traditional dancing under stars with loved ones by lovers’ side, or stay put if you prefer oak cozy warmth against cool ocean breezes.

The luau at Waikiki Starlight is an experience like no other. The grounds are beautifully decorated with flowers and shrubs, giving it a nice tropical feel, to begin with! As you walk through the main entrance gates towards your room for dinner, there will be traditional drums playing in anticipation, which adds more excitement as we get closer to our mealtime. The food served during this celebration isn’t just an appetizer or dessert. It’s everything put together on one dish so that every taste bud can enjoy themselves fully without being too full before finishing off their last bite of rice from yesterday’s lunchbox. Still waiting patiently inside-which also happens.

The rich, luscious colors of the Polynesian culture are celebrated at Waikiki Starlight Luau. The Hilton Hawaiian Village offers guests an authentic experience with delicious food and drinks in a beautiful setting that is perfect for any occasion. The Luaus offered to bring together cultures from all over Hawaii into one night celebrating life by lamplight under stars.

What’s a luau without the Waikiki Starlight? This fabulous ballroom is host to some of Oahu’s most beautiful women, who twirl across dance floors in their stunning blue dresses. The lighting fixtures above them light up so beautifully at night as they move effortlessly from pose-to position – just watching these ladies go through their routines gives you an idea of how lucky we all are.

Come party with us at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, where you can enjoy live hula dancers and delicious food. A world-class luau is happening right now! Come experience our fantastic décor that will make your mouth water for more leis while watching these beautiful outfits sway in sync with traditional music played on various instruments such as drums or guitars.

The perfect way to celebrate a birthday or special event is with an unforgettable experience. What better than celebrating in style on the beach, surrounded by palm trees and hula dancers? The Waikiki Starlight Luau at Hilton Hawaiian Village offers guests yet another luxurious way of experiencing our beautiful state – without ever having to leave their room! With delicious catering from Chef Hamada’s kitchen as well as bar service available around the clock throughout your stay, you won’t want this trip home any other way.

Not your average luau, the Hilton Hawaiian Village offers guests an exclusive experience in a defining moment of tradition. With gorgeous beaches and breathtaking scenery as backdrops to this incredible showpiece for all things beautiful from both aboard or below sea level – one cannot help but be captivated by what is offered here.

The luau at Waikiki Starlight is a must-see for anyone who enjoys traditional Hawaiian culture and food. The whole family will enjoy themselves as they dance through the night on their way from one end to another, playing music with beautiful vocals that’ll make you want more!

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