Tips on Learning Hawaiian Style Surfing

“When you think of Hawaii, do you imagine white sand beaches, clear water, and Hawaiian Style surfing? Maybe you think about big waves and huge surf, or you might picture the beauty of the islands and the wildlife that live there. No matter what your thoughts are, you can bet that there is much more to Hawaii than the above images. The Hawaiian Islands are home to some of the most exotic and diverse fish in the world, some of which aren’t even native to the Caribbean or Australia. Now you can learn how to do some Hawaiian Style surfing…

“I’m not going surfing in Germany anyhow,” says Billy Haro, laughing. “And I’m not even from Hawaii.” Billy Haro is in no way an expert on Hawaiian Style surfing, though. He is, however, a leading Hawaiian style surfer, one of the best in the business. As a matter of fact, Hawaiian style surfing is now considered a very aggressive style of surfing. “You’re not going to be pushed around by big waves coming at you head-on,” says Haro.

In addition to big waves, though, Hawaiian style surfing also takes place on very small waves, known as “tea bowls.” “If you’re surfing on a very small wave and it breaks, you have a better chance of making it back in,” says Bill Haro. This is why experienced Hawaiian surfers often stay on smaller waves for longer periods of time. After all, even the pros need a break every once in a while.

If you’re interested in trying Hawaiian style surfing, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. First, if you’re just beginning to learn to surf, don’t try to do too much. Instead, take a lesson from one of the Hawaiian surfboard instructors. Most beaches will have a qualified instructor who can help you learn to ride the waves. Even if the shore does not offer a lesson course, most instructors will be more than happy to talk to you about the best way to handle each particular wave. As you become more experienced, you’ll find that taking a Hawaiian surfing class will be a great way to meet other surfers who share your interest in the ocean.

As with any new activity or sport, beginning surfers need to spend some time getting accustomed to the water. When surfing, it’s important to wear a good, solid surfboard that is appropriate for your size and weight. If you’re used to wearing women’s surfboards, a men’s board may be more comfortable. The same goes if you plan on boarding alongside other men.

The next step when learning about Hawaiian style surfing is to check out the local beaches. Hawaii has a large selection of beaches with different kinds of water currents. Some surfers love the feel of smoother water while others might enjoy the resistance of waves moving against a wall of water. So decide on which type of water you prefer; once you’ve chosen the location of the beach area, you should definitely learn to surf there.

After learning to surf at the Hawaiian beach, you’ll need to find a place to practice if you wish to become an experienced surfer. Many Hawaiian resorts offer surfboard rentals and lessons. Most of these resorts also offer classes specifically designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of Hawaiian style surfing before venturing into more challenging waters.

The best Hawaiian resorts for Hawaiian style surfing include Kailua Creek, Hanalei Bay, Poipu, and Waimea. At the south shore of Oahu, Elements Surfing offers lessons in both freestyle and professional classes. At the north shore of Hawaii, Tanna Puana offers lessons in both beginner classes as well as advanced courses. Courses are offered daily during the summer months at each of these locations.


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