The Benefits of a Coki Dive

A Two Tank Morning Dive is a very powerful combination. A pair of certified divers will be dropped into the water around dawn on a vessel that’s off the coast of a resort. At the drop off point, they’ll perform a pair of dives in order to collect samples for lab research and evaluate environmental conditions at the site. If these dives prove unproductive, the team can choose to continue exploring without having to use the water again. The sample samples will then be taken back to the diving area for further evaluation and cleaning before the team returns to their boats.

Imagine the thrill of being dropped into the water without a boat. There is a lot going on underwater, but the excitement picks up once the divers reach the surface. There is still so much to discover beneath the surface – layers of sediment, creatures that live below the waves, and coral reefs. For a novice or an experienced scuba diver, a two-tank morning dive provides the best opportunity to learn new skills under the watchful eye of a certified instructor.

Two Tanks offer unique diving experiences because they require two people to operate both the boat and the regulator system. In spite of the obvious challenges of this setup, it’s a lot of fun to explore new places. One of the great things about this setup is that, if one of the scuba divers suffers an injury while performing a dive, there is a good chance he or she can return to the surface with relative ease. In contrast, it’s often impossible for two inexperienced divers to work together after a collision. Experienced divers may find themselves in situations where a rescue dive is necessary, but it’s important for them to know how to operate two tanks in tandem in order to avoid unnecessary delays on the way to the beach.

When you’re planning your next scuba adventure, consider hiring a licensed divemaster to instruct your party. He or she has the necessary training to land safely at several popular dive sites. He or she has the means necessary to navigate a boat through difficult situations. He or she knows what conditions to expect at various dive sites. These conditions are often similar from one site to another, but the divemaster has the advantage of going to all the popular dive sites in his or her area and putting together a course that includes all the key areas and skills needed to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. You’ll save time by allowing your divemaster to concentrate on teaching party members how to safely perform all the necessary tasks, rather than having to spend your time learning individual skills.

There are other advantages to allowing a licensed professional to lead your party through the process. For example, if you’re inexperienced with diving at night, your divemaster can help you learn how to handle your equipment. Since many night dives happen during the day, your torch will likely go out in the process, but a trained person will be able to use a flashlight and find your light and signal for you.

Night diving allows party members the opportunity to see the sights of the Caribbean without actually getting to see the seafloor. Most dive sites are located in the depths of the ocean, hundreds and even thousands of feet below the surface. Because of the depth, many creatures live below the surface. Some of these animals include sharks, eels, sea turtles, and coral reefs. Night divers also get a chance to visit coral reefs and other marine life.

One of the greatest benefits of night diving is the opportunity for a true Coki dive. Coki is large, marine carnivore that can grow up to two meters in length. They are known for their powerful jaws, long bodies, and powerful swim speeds. Because they have evolved for so long in harsh environments, a Coki dive can feel like an almost endless amount of adventures. For experienced divers, the reward of a large Coki can take over an entire dive.

So why would anyone not want to go on a 2 Tank boat dive? The answer is safety. While a Coki may look like a gentle giant with its soft pink body and huge yellow mouth, these fish have a tendency to open their mouths so wide that divers can’t see what’s going on beneath them. Cows chomping on bait can be terrifying for a novice diver. Also, these predators often splash rapidly when moving and this can distract divers from their diving plans. Overall, a Coki dive is a great way to experience deep sea excitement in a safe and controlled environment.


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