Hawaiian Luau at the Haleakala

Maui Luaus has long been a gathering place for celebrations. Hotels, or even “free-standing”, Maui Luaus are a gathering of the music, food, and dance of all of the Polynesian Islands. The luau is typically held on the first or second day of each month to honor and show the Hawaiian people their pride in their culture. The luau is also a time to celebrate the abundance of food and drink in Hawaii. Many tourists visit Hawaii during their Maui vacation and enjoy the luau because it offers the same fun that they get from their stay in Hawaii.

The luau usually takes place on the first day of Haleakala season, which begins about mid-August. The best time for the luau is when it is not too hot. The luau is usually held in late August or early September on the beach between Kailua Beach. If you have never attended a luau before, you may want to make arrangements to go to Maui at this time. If you plan to travel in advance, you should call or visit your hotel and find out if the luau has been added to the agenda.

The luau usually has two to three stages of activities. First, you will have a parade that travels down the beach. Next, the luau is divided into smaller groups of dancers, musicians, and actors. At this point, you will hear music from drums and other instruments as well as voices from the performers.

Some performers walk on their own and make their way around the beach. Others will be accompanied by dancers. There are also some performers who will sit down at a table and perform a series of dances. It’s really the choice of the performer as to whether they want to use an interpreter, but if you choose a luau with an interpreter present it can be extremely helpful.

Then at the end of the parade, the Haleakala or “Palinski” comes out. They are the guardians of the “Queen of the Sea.” It’s a traditional role to stand at the front and provide information to the guests about the luau.

The Haleakala will tell the guests how to take part in the luau and how the Haleakala dances with the “Queen of the Sea.” The Haleakala may also give out a small gift for the first couple or two. Once the Haleakala has finished its presentation, the visitors may start to leave the beach to make their way back to their hotels. A few people will stay behind to dance with the Haleakala. Then the “Queen of the Sea” will lead them to the Haleakala where they dance a couple of steps with her and take a dip in the water. After the Haleakala, they will all gather together again for another ceremony.

Some of the activities are so exciting that you may want to bring along a camera to capture them for future enjoyment. One great idea is to take pictures of people dancing and talking at the Haleakala.

The Maui Luaus luau is always held just before or after sunset on the sunniest days of the year. Be sure to check the weather conditions before you arrive on Kauai because this event typically fills up very fast. It’s usually possible to get tickets at the gate if you purchase your ticket online. Or you can save money by buying a special reserved seat at the Haleakala.

This type of event is really meant to be enjoyed by everyone. There are no prizes given out to the winner. There is no money involved either. Just a good time to enjoy the outdoors, the music, and the great Hawaiian hospitality that all visitors will receive once they arrive. The “Queen of the Sea” is the “Queen of Maui.”

Be sure to wear comfortable footwear, sandals, and sunscreen. If you do bring your children there they should wear suitable clothing as well. And it’s best to be prepared with a camera, binoculars, and sunblock to help them stay dry as they dance and talk with the Haleakala and the luau gods.

You’ll need a camera, plenty of flashlights, earplugs, sunscreen and a small bag to carry it all in. As an extra precaution, don’t forget a small blanket to lay down underneath. But all in all, it’s really a fun and exciting event to attend with a lot of laughter and great memories.