Excitement for Kona Honua Diving

There is nothing quite like a day on a Kona Honu diver’s paradise! The waters are clear and the wildlife is friendly. Evenings are warm and relaxing and with an amazing view, you can’t help but be impressed. This quiet little paradise is about as far from the busy hubbub of Oahu as you can get and the views are spectacular. The first thing you’ll notice is that everyone is so incredibly fit and lean; what gives is some of the island’s best scenery.

We are proud to share the Kona on divers paradise with you, Hawaii. Offering daily deep dives, every day. With a shop full of custom one-of-the-kind diving gear and a dive expert on deck every day. With an incredible, no-fuss, approach to your diving adventures. We enjoy snorkeling and diving with the family and love spending time on the beaches too. Kona loves to be featured in articles and photos from all over the world.

For your safety, there are two tank dives available, or three tank dives if you like. You can choose a time that works for you best not only for the duration of the dive but also for your recovery period too. A great feature that we love is the one tank, fully equipped, a saltwater tank that comes with all the equipment you need. This is important too, as you don’t want to have to make any quick decisions about leaving the boat. We have had better experiences in this tank with our divers than in open water.

Our dive site is on the private Diamond Head property which overlooks the sunset in beautiful Wailua Bay. Each day we meet at the dock for a guided, comfortable lunch and dive while looking out at some of the most breathtaking views. There are many things to explore including caves, coral beds, ancient stone formations, and of course some stunning marine life. On your dives, you will often see humpback whales, dolphins, and manatees. The views are breathtaking, so you don’t even want to leave the boat.

Most people come here for the amazingly enjoyable, breathtaking views and the wonderful ocean environment, but snorkel and diving are also very popular activities that Kona Honu Divers participates in. We have always been impressed by the amount of knowledge and skill that is put into the training of their divers. Their qualified instructors are world-class and they really know their stuff. We have experienced getting scared on several occasions from the large group of divers. However, once we were introduced to proper diving procedures and learned what to look for and how to avoid, it did not seem to be so frightening after all. The instructors are well prepared and go through a rigorous training program to qualify as scuba divers.

The diving shop is managed by John White and has been operational since 1969. The shop also is home to the Kona Honu Six-ressor and has a capacity to hold up to fourteen divers. It has a lift dock, a spacious swimming pool, and an office staff with the necessary certifications to handle everything that needs to be handled when divers are in the water. The office staff even makes sure the equipment that is used for training is cleaned and sanitized after each dive. It is truly a one-stop-shop for all of your snorkel and diving needs.

The most popular attraction of the island is actually the beautiful oceanfront beaches, but there are many other things to see as well. Some of the other attractions include the two-thousand-year-old shipwrecks off the coast, the beautiful seaside villages, including an authentic Hawaiian village, the beautiful marine creatures that make Kona their home, and the ancient ruin sites of the Spanish Archipelago. This ancient time period featured some of the most spectacular scenery ever created. Many of the sites have now been brought back to life and are beautifully restored with all new amenities.

Kona is known for its coral reefs that are famous around the world. One of the scuba divers who has taken the time to dive the famous Kona Deep Reefs says that he and his companions had a wonderful time looking at the beautiful corals and reefs while seeing many different fish jumping about. There are so many different things to do on Kona Honua Island that there is sure to be something to interest every diver. If you are planning to visit Kona Hawaii in the near future then you should start making plans to visit the Honua Creek, State Park. You will not only have a blast diving, but you might also want to take a hike through some of the beautiful bush trails that will take you right by some of the most stunning natural views in Hawaii.


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