Enjoy the Glowing Day With Paragon Performance Sunset Sail Maui Charter

20Paragon Performance has designed the Paragon Performance Sunset Sails as exhilarating windsurfing and wakeboarding device for the wakeboarder who wants to leave the water with speed and confidence. The Paragon Sunset is extremely versatile as it can be used for all weather conditions, from cool breezes to strong winds. With a three-blade engine optimized for maximum power and speed the Paragon Performance, Sunset Sails guarantees you will leave the water more often than you think and with greater confidence in your wakeboard riding.

The Paragon Performance Sunset Sail is designed for both wakeboarding and surfing. With a lightweight composite sail that is easy to maintain the Paragon Performance Sunset Sails are extremely versatile. Designed with a reinforced mast and boom making it highly stable the Paragon Performance Sunset Sails is great for the beginning surf rider or the advanced surfer. For people looking for the ultimate in performance and an easy to manage sail, the Paragon Performance Sunset Sails are perfect.

The sails on the Paragon Performance Sunset are made from an amazing high tech material called mono-filament fiberglass. This is very tough fiberglass that is lightweight yet very strong. Using a tightly woven design the Paragon Performance Sunset Sail is designed to give you that old-school feel of riding a fiberglass sail. Even though the sail weighs so little the Paragon Performance Sunset Sails fly perfectly.

The Paragon Performance Sunset Sail comes complete with a carrying case and an easy to read the instruction booklet. Even though the Paragon Performance Sunset Sail has a kit to build the boat it does not come with the boat itself. However, you can have the parts shipped to you at your nearest Maui sail store and assemble it yourself.

Before setting out on your outing to witness the sunset the first thing you should do is get a good idea of where you will be sailing. If possible this should be done well in advance. In the case of a two or three-day outing, there are several islands that make excellent places for a sunset sail. One such island is Turtle Point on the Pali Coast of Maui. At the far west of Turtle Point, just north of Hanauma Bay is another beautiful place that provides for a great sunset spot, this location is known as the sunset point. Another island that provides for a good spot for sunset is Ka’eleku Bay just north of mile point island, this is also known as the sunset bay.

When you are getting ready to take off make sure to wear your most comfortable casual attire. Getting dressed for your outing to watch the sunset is not always easy because you have to look professional yet casual. While lounging on the yacht in your casual attire gives the appearance that you have arrived to witness the sunset your actual attire says that you are headed for a night on the town. This is why a light jacket is recommended for anyone planning on spending time on the Paragon Performance Sunset Sail Maui charter.

Once you have put on your casual attire, make sure to include drinks including locally brewed beer in your diet. Many Paragons provide an open bar, which means that guests can choose from whatever they would like to include alcohol. While the open bar is allowed in most sailing events, it is strongly recommended to bring your own beverages including sodas including locally brewed beer. Some Paragons in Hawaii will not allow soft drinks and you must include alcoholic beverages including Mai tais in your light fare selection.

Your light fare selection must also include a nice selection of appetizers and a few dishes prepared with your favorite spicy or mild ingredients. You may also want to include a selection of bread, crackers, fresh fruits, cheeses, and vegetables. The Paragon Sunset Sail Maui charter will generally start before sunrise and wind down after sunset providing ample time for your meal choice and refreshment. Many cruises offer a variety of dining options including a buffet, table service, or an open bar. If you are looking for an evening out or reunion on your Hawaiian vacation then Paragon Performance Sunset Sail Maui is definitely the cruise for you.


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