A Guide to Active Oahu Tours

Active Oahu Tours allows you to visit Oahu’s beautiful north shore and experience the island like a local yourself! When chipping away at your Hawaii vacation package, you are able to select which tour package you want. But please put into consideration that the following adventure activities you wish to partake in.

Kayaking: This is a great activity for all skill levels. Active Oahu Tours includes a kayaking tour as part of their itinerary. But if you don’t feel up to participating in kayaking, you highly recommend taking a kayaking class.

Canoeing: Canoeing is the most popular sailing activity on Oahu. There are many lovely canoes on the island, so paddling on one can be an adventure in itself. Paddlers should definitely take advantage of guided canoeing tours, as they give you a firsthand look at how to maneuver these magnificent boats. There are several canoes and yachts that are available for rent on the island. Paddlers should plan on spending several hours on each of these vessels to fully appreciate the craftsmanship and safety features of these vessels.

Kayak Tours: Kayaking is another activity enjoyed by many visitors to Hawaii. Kayaks are very easy to paddle and offer a great time paddling on the ocean. Active Oahu Tours has a variety of kayak tours available, so no matter what experience level you’re at, you’re sure to find a kayaking tour that will be enjoyable and informative. In addition to kayaking, paddling can be a great time for snorkeling and other water adventures. And the sights and sounds of Oahu are unforgettable with the beaches and the native Hawaiian cultures.

Jet Boating: Nothing gives you a great time on a vacation like jet-boating on one of Hawaii’s gorgeous islands. Active Oahu Tours has jet boat rentals available on several of their excursions, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to rent one for a great time on your trip. And with a large number of islands and the beautiful scenery they encompass, there’s bound to be a jet boat tour that you’ll be able to enjoy. Active Oahu Tours is happy to recommend several companies in the area to potential customers, so if you’ve been considering one of these trips, send us an e-mail to let us know what your thoughts are.

Canoe Trips: On the island of Oahu, there are many different types of canoes for skippers to choose from. Some are meant for families with small children, and others are designed for adults who enjoy taking long, leisurely walks on the beach or taking in the natural beauty of the landscape. For the skipper who enjoys a more active experience, a variety of day tours are available, each designed around a particular skill level. These tours generally last from one and a half to one and a half hours and allow you to explore the region’s many waterways and trails.

Kayaking: Hawaii is home to some incredible kayaking opportunities, especially on the island of Oahu. On any of your Hawaiian Oahu tours, you’re likely to come across a variety of kayaking adventures, including flatwater kayaking on the Big Island, river kayaking on the rivers of Kapueokahi, and scenic kayaking on the Big Island and other Islands. Even though most kayaking adventures require a skill level of expertise, experts can help you navigate the waters and find the best spots for beginners and experienced kayakers alike.

Paddle Boarding: If you’re more adventurous, Hawaii has mountain ranges, deserts, beaches, and jungles – there’s definitely a paddleboarding adventure waiting for you on any of your Hawaiian Oahu tours. If you love to go hiking, on ATV, or other similar activities, you’ll be happy to know that you have plenty of options when it comes to adventure on Oahu. Hawaiian kayaking tours will take you out onto the open water, through trails, and along shores while providing you with plenty of room to paddle. Whether you want to get out in nature, take part in an eco-tourism event, or simply take part in a fun activity, kayaking is one of the best activities on Oahu.

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